We Are The Happiest Property Management Company On The Island.

You Ask, We Get It!

We listen. We learn. We never stop improving.

Our DNA hinges on integrity. We never stop analysing and improving our methods and strategies ensuring continuous growth of the business.Our success is based on our credibility and expertise which combine to produce consistent results and happy clients that come back and recommend us to their friends. AStogetit  does it “differently”. We treat our customers like they’re family. Our customers love and trust us because, we are:  open, direct, and honest. 

You Ask, We Get It!

Be happy & carefree with AS


Property management services, concierge, stewardship, cleaning, chauffeur service, private chef and more. We take care of your property when you are away.


Your garden and pool always in perfect state. Garden design and landscaping.


Looking for a permanent residence, holiday home or investment? ASrealty is here to help!


A very functional water bike will allow you to move through the water in a smooth and calm way.


RenovAS is the trusted company to carry out all kinds renovation works. Our most professional team is at your service.

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