RedShark Bikes FAQ

Description Of The Red Shark Bike Surf?

A very functional water bike will allow you to move through the water in a smooth and calm way. It is formed by 1
inflatable centre hull in the form of a paddle with a chassis. Its results are the fusion of the best properties of a surfboard
and a water bike.
 The central hull or inflatable board offers buoyancy.
 The chassis (self-supporting) holds all the steering, traction and saddle elements. This chassis joins to the inflatable
board, without tools.

How Many Models Are There?

ENJOY MODEL: “The comfortable model for the enjoyment of the whole family.”
 Differences with the other models:
Enjoy model has a more relaxed position, its accessories are more comfortable, such as the gel saddle, a
handlebar and ergonomic handles, but with all the fun guaranteed…
FITNESS MODEL: “The sports model for training in a relaxed environment”.
 Differences with the other models: Fitness Model has a more dynamic position, its accessories are sportier, it comes
included two types of propellers (conform type and training type), as well as a network in the chassis with waterproof
bag to carry during your training sessions any jacket, car keys, or energy bars,
ADVENTURE MODEL: “For unforgettable excursions”.
 Differences with the other models: Adventure Model has a comfortable position, but its multiple watertight
compartments are more functional to take food, clothes, sleeping bags, tents, even fishing rods … Long routes where
you do not rule out sleeping under the stars…

Is It Stable ?

Thanks to the helm design, the Bike Surf are more than they appear, surpassing the stability and comfort of a paddle
surf. This helm offers 3 functions:
 Propeller PROTECTOR
Once agility, balance, fitness and experience are learned, you can experience even the fun of surfing (always without
taking unnecessary risks).

Learning Time?

It is very intuitive as a conventional bicycle (pedalling, handlebar steering, and balance). The first minutes, it is mandatory
to do them in calm waters, without any winds as you will have completely new sensations, but once those are overcome,
minutes later you will understand your capacity for body stability and you can enjoy it in a more relaxed way.
 Suitable for all audiences provided that the user does not suffer from any physical deficiency, is aware of their
limitations, their physical capacity, and complies with local restrictions and does not leave if the weather in their
environment is adverse.

Do I Get My Feet Wet, Do I Need A Waterproof Suit?

The usual thing is NOT to get wet if you go out from a dock, in calm waters and if you avoid falling. You can also avoid  getting your feet wet, avoiding wind or waves (two factors that can cause splashing your feet) but usually the board
protects you from the water and allows you to use the clothes and shoes that you most want, without using uncomfortable clothes, allowing you to enjoy the Red Shark 365 days a year.


We have developed a pedalling system that equals the same force that is required to pedal with a conventional bicycle
on a completely flat road.
In the Fitness model, it incorporates two types of propeller, offering you two training proposals:

Propeller A (training): 150 to 180 watts.

Propeller B (confort): 100 to 150 watts
It is very dangerous to demand more than your body can. For this reason, it is necessary that each user knows their
physical abilities. Therefore, they can go out to pedal and apply their own ¨appropriate pedalling rhythm¨. By this means,
they will know the energy they need to return back to destination (with some additional reservation in case of unforeseen
events). Prudence is necessary in this water sport.

How Does Propulsion Work?

Through a rotational pedalling (at the top) that is transmitted to a lower propeller that is in contact with water. To transmit the movement of the pedalling towards the propeller there is a multiplication of 1 to 10 (one pedal turn is ten
turns in the propeller). This high quality propulsion has been specially designed 100% waterproof. It has no chains, much more reliable and accurate thanks to the use of helical gears, light alloys and self-lubricated  elements.


Depending on several factors such as models, physical qualities, weather, water condition, etc. To have a reference you can perform speeds equal to or greater than those of a kayak or paddle surf. The Bike Surf has the property of having a constant traction thanks to the pedalling generated by the muscles of the legs, which in other sports such as kayak, Paddle surf… the transition from the right / left oar generates traction dead spots (interrupted traction)


Yes, TWO gears:
It does not require gears to advance in the water, there are no ascents or descents, but we do offer 2 types of
propeller, depending on the exercise that one desires:
 PROPELLER COMFORT (standard on the Enjoy, Adventure and Fitness model): 100 to 150 watts
 PROPELLER TRAINING (only standard on the Fitness model): 150 to 180 watts.
ONE REAR gear:
All our models can go back, as well as manoeuvre, pedalling backwards
All our models can brake with the simple fact of stopping pedalling or pedalling backwards.

Bike Sizes?

ONE SIZE FITS MOST: One chassis for the whole family. The Red Shark Bikes chassis designed with a biomechanical as a
multi-size chassis, that can be adjusted to people with a height of 1.40m to 2.10m.

Maximum Weight To Use?

USER: 110 kg: (approximate) to this weight you can add:
LUGGAGE: 25 kg (placed and distributed on the back and front of the inflatable board).

What Maintenance Do You Need?

Mainly the simple action of rinsing with fresh water (if used in salt water).
Due to the quality of materials, we are proud to offer a high quality and low maintenance product.
Follow the recommendations in the user manual.

Do I Need A License?

The Bike Surf catalogued in the stand-up paddle segment, canoes, and pedal-powered kayaks. Initially it does NOT require a license for its use. You will be able to ride in all the waters as long as you comply with the local regulations where you
want to practice this activity.

How Is It Transported? Should We Assemble And Disassemble ?

 FITNESS MODEL: 27 kg (with Carbon Fibre Kit 22 kg)
 ENJOY MODEL: 28 Kg (with Carbon Fibre Kit 23 kg)
 ADVENTURE MODEL: 33 kg(with Carbon Fibre Kit 28 kg)
If someone seeks to reduce weight, we recommend the CARBON FIBER special kit (chassis + various components).
DISMOUNTED (main elements):
 HD PE chassis: 8 Kg
 Transmission: 3 Kg

Inflatable board: 12 Kg
 CARBON FIBER chassis: 3 kg

Weight Bike Without Luggage?


Disassembled: in a suitcase / backpack with travel wheels (extra) plus the chassis separately.
 Mounted: You can use a trolley wheels (extra equipment) that allow it to slide easily to the water.
It can be transported in a conventional car bicycle rack (only by separating the inflatable board) since its chassis is
AUTOPORTANT (holds all the components) plus the deflated board in the trunk inside. In this case, it is only necessary to
position the chassis and the board to mount it.

Assembly And Disassembly Time?

Depending on the mode of transport: from 5 to 10 minutes.


PACKAGING (box delivery): 1m x 0,10 x 1,42 m.
DISMOUNTED (main elements):
 FRAME: 1 X 0,10 X 1,30 m.
 INFLATABLE BOARD: 3,50 X 0,90 X 0,15 m.
 TRAVEL BAG with wheels (full): 1. X 0,45 X 0,30 m.
 Up the floating line: 1 m.
 Below floating line: 0,65 m.
 Length: 3,5 m.
 Width: 0,90 m.

Which Is The HScode For The Bike Surf?

HScode: 89039910
Vessels for pleasure or sports, rowing boats and canoes, of a weight <= 100 kg each (excl. motor boats powered other
than by outboard motors, sailboats with or without auxiliary motor and inflatable boats)

Where Can I Use The Red Shark Bikes?

In any aquatic environment provided that they comply with the appropriate local regulations and the required depth:
Seas, Lakes, Swamps, Lagoons, Marinas /Channels, Rivers (Not in white-water) etc.

Minimum Depth?

65 cm (approximately)

Eco Friendly?

Yes, 100% RESPECTFUL with the environment. It is our policy that none of the Red Shark Bikes products generates noises
or any emissions. They also allow for subsequent RECYCLING so that all its components easily separated to facilitate
recycling classification.


2 years manufacturing defects, as long as Manuel user standards are followed. (Excludes pedals and saddle). 1 year for
professional use.

Red Shark Bikes Philosophy?

The Red Shark Bikes policy aims to generate 100 % respectful products:
100 % Recyclable…
Not to be use and discarded… Durable and repairable product
Purchase your unit with the COMMITMENT, those future new developments (new models), are easy to add to all old
Does not generate noise…
Does not generate emissions….
It is relaxing product to respect and enjoy the environment.

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